Where To Find The Best Breakfast In Pisa (Top 7 Cafes)

leaning tower of pisa
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Breakfast in Pisa, as in the rest of Italy, is traditionally the smallest, simplest meal of the day. There are none of the towering mountains of pancakes, full fry-ups, or long lingering brunches that other countries go for. Instead, Italians usually enjoy just a well-made coffee with a sweet pastry or a couple of hard biscuits. Just a quick hit of caffeine and sugar to help kick start the day. 

Maybe, while in Pisa, you’ll want to eat the way the Italian’s do and grab your simple brekkie from a patisserie. Or perhaps you think they’re doing it wrong, and you’ll still crave a full plate of bacon and eggs. 

Whatever you fancy on your vacation, we’ve got the right breakfast spot for you, and of course, one with that all-important view! So here are our top picks of where to find the best breakfast in Pisa! 

Dolce Pisa

An authentic Italian breakfast is light and sweet
Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

This is a real Italian pasticceria and the place for people wanting to experience an authentic Italian breakfast. The building has a lovely traditional front, and there are tables outside for anyone wanting an alfresco breakfast. 

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Inside Dolce Pisa’s glass-fronted cabinets house a mouthwatering selection of pastries, sweet treats, cannolis, croissants, and that Italian favorite, the cornetto. Somewhere between a croissant and brioche, the cornetto is denser and less flakey than the croissant and often filled with sweet cream or chocolate. There are a few savory options for those who’d prefer to start the day with a sandwich or a savory pastry. You’ll also find the stock changing for all special occasions, valentines day, mother’s day, Easter… you name it, and Dolce Pisa will be whipping up something special. 

And, although Dolce Pisa might look traditional, it’s got a very inclusive menu with different vegan and gluten-free options offered daily. Everything, of course, is sold alongside excellent coffee. 

Cost: A takeaway coffee here will cost you €1.50, pastries start at €1. Prices go up if you want to eat in.

Filter Coffee Lab

If avocado toast is your style, you can enjoy it in Italy.
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Filter Coffee Lab consistently tops the reviews and restaurant charts for the best breakfast in Pisa. What began as a specialty coffee house now also has a well-crafted food menu. It offers a key selection of Italian and international breakfast favorites to keep all its customers happy. 

Here you can order bacon and eggs, pancakes, avocado toast, salmon topped bagels, or select a sweet pastry from the fresh-baked collection at the counter. Filter Coffee Lab is a favorite with vegetarians, vegans, and the gluten-free crowd, for their many specialty menu items, milk alternatives, and respect for all dietary requirements. 

This is also a place where you can linger over your breakfast/brunch in a very un-Italian way. The distressed wooden tables, bare brick walls, and industrial-estate vibe will leave you with no doubt that you’re hanging out with the cool kids of Pisa’s cafe scene. 

Cost: Pancakes with syrup, fresh fruit, and a coffee here will cost you around €9.

3.9 Pisa Tower Panoramic Café & Restaurant

Italians traditionally enjoy a good coffee and a sweet pastry for breakfast.
Photo by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash

Of course, the main reason people go to Pisa is to see the famous tower, right? So why consider eating breakfast anywhere without a view of it? 

There are several patisseries in the streets around the tower, so you can always get a takeaway and walk to the square to eat it. But if you want to sit down and enjoy your breakfast with the view, it has to be 3.9 Pisa Tower Panoramic Café.

Within the Piazza del Duomo, you’ll find the wonders of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Cathedral, the Baptistry, and also the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. Inside the museum, alongside the excellent collection of Italian sculptures, is a peaceful cafe with a terrace boasting panoramic views of the Tower and the Piazza. 

The cafe is traditional Italian and offers excellent coffee, a selection of sweets and pastries, and some salads, paninis, and sandwiches. Try the Marocchino, an Italian coffee creation that layers espresso, cocoa powder, and thick milk foam, for a delicious way to start the day. 

If you visit later (or you want to start drinking with breakfast), they have a lovely cocktail menu. And where better to enjoy a drink in Pisa than with a view of the tower?

Cost: A cappuccino and a sweet pastry here will cost you around €4


who doesn't enjoy the smell of fresh baked bread?
Photo by Bruno Thethe on Unsplash

Just a 3-minute walk from the Tower of Pisa is another gem of an Italian bakery and breakfast spot. With its bare wooden counters, hanging bunches of herbs, and stacks of fresh-baked bread, Po’sto has a definite country kitchen vibe. This atmosphere is enhanced by the friendly staff who could be welcoming you into their own home. 

Since Po’sto are firm believers that sweet is best, the menu holds all the Italian breakfast pastry favorites. However, they are willing to indulge their guests and will serve you ‘salty’ breakfasts such as beautiful rustic rolls and crusty baguettes stuffed with salami, tomato, and fresh mozzarella. 

Po’sto is dedicated to using the freshest and best ingredients alongside traditional cooking methods, creating delicious, deceptively simple food. And you’ll find this is one place in Pisa that actively offers brunch – but only on Sundays. 

Cost: A cafe latte and croissant here will cost you €4.

Galileo Art Cafe 

whether you want breakfast Italian, American or English style we've got you covered.
Photo by Sahil Pandita on Unsplash

If your party consists of some Italian breakfast lovers and some who still fancy a larger, more savory meal, might we suggest Galileo Art Cafe in Pisa? Here you will find a range of international options on the menu but won’t have to sacrifice the pastries or the quality of the coffee to get it! 

Open 7 am until very late, you can start early and order a breakfast tailored to English, American, Spanish or French tastes. And you’ll find vegetarian and vegan-friendly options too. Then, if you love the friendly service and laid-back vibe, you can return at any time of day to sample lunch, dinner, and late-night cocktails, which are easily as artistic as their latte-art coffees.

Galileo is also a Smart Bar, so you can download the app, book a table, peruse the menu and place your order, all without having to talk to anyone. Perfect for social distancers and Italian language beginners!

Cost: A coffee and a muffin here will cost you around €3.50, an English breakfast will cost €12 (another reason to eat Italian style!) 

Caffè dei Cavalieri – Specialty Coffee Shop

speciality coffee for serious coffee lovers
Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

If it’s all about caffeine for you, then Caffè dei Cavalieri is the best breakfast spot in Pisa. This specialty coffee shop takes serious pride in its work and offers a wide range of specially chosen and sourced coffee beans, available in filter or espresso form. Signature coffees are on offer, and there’s a range of milk alternatives for those trying to skip the dairy. 

They have some pretty cool coffee gadgets too, so if you’re looking to upgrade your morning java routine, seek inspiration here! And if you find yourself falling in love with a particular bean, you can stock up and take a little taste of Pisa home with you. 

But a traveler can’t live on coffee alone, there must be sustenance! Luckily, the breakfast at Caffe dei Cavalieri is an excellent accompaniment to the espresso, and it can be enjoyed at their outdoor seating area. Choose from a range of flaky, sugary, sweet pastries, including cream and chocolate stuffed cornettos. Or have a ham and cheese stuffed croissant or a rustic sandwich or toastie. 

Not a coffee lover? Don’t worry, they’ve got milkshakes and a range of fresh fruit smoothies too. 

Cost: A large cappuccino and cornetto here will cost you around €5.

Little Star Cafe

grab a croissant and a coffee for a cheap and cheerful breakfast.
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Cheap, cheerful, small, and cozy, Little Star Cafe is a fantastic spot that you’ll pop into once and end up returning to all week. Especially if you try their chocolate and gelato topped waffles! But if that’s too sweet even for an Italian breakfast, perhaps choose a croissant, cornetto, tart, or almond pastry instead. 

The inside of the Little Star Cafe is tiny and cluttered, but there are tables outside on the pavements, and the atmosphere is friendly enough to make up for any accidental elbow knocking you might do. And don’t let the confusion of ingredients and activity behind the counter worry you. They can turn out delicious coffee in that small space. And they’ll do it with a shot of something stronger too if you like! 

Part cafe, part shop, they also sell many authentic Italian treats. So maybe pick up some Sicilian marmalade or a bag of biscotti and continue breakfasting Italian style when you return home!

Cost: espresso and a croissant will cost you €2.50 here. 

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