7 Romantic Hotels For Where To Stay In Kefalonia For Couples

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Kefalonia is another one of Greece’s alluringly beautiful islands that attract thousands of tourists to its pristine shores every year. With beaches abound, centuries of history and culture, and a gorgeously rugged coastline, it is no surprise why Kefalonia draws in everyone from families and solo explorers to loved-up couples to its Grecian paradise. In fact, we know better than anyone just why Kefalonia is worth visiting.

Kefalonia is one of the best vacation destinations if you’re looking for somewhere as beautiful as it is romantic for a holiday with your loved one. Thanks to its natural beauty and vast array of cultural attractions by way of its Greek history, Kefalonia has plenty to offer the couple on vacation. And, better yet, Kefalonia is home to a sumptuous choice of wonderful hotels, so you are practically guaranteed to find somewhere to stay no matter what kind of couple you would define yourself as.

Whether you’re looking for beachfront destinations or some city center living for your romantic vacation, we have put together a comprehensive list of the very best places when considering where to stay in Kefalonia for couples. Think swimming, sunbathing, drinking, and dining, as well as hikes, shops, and watersports. Read on to discover the perfect hotel for your next romantic getaway to Kefalonia.

1. Natalie’s Hotel And Apartments

Natalie's hotel and apartments kefalonia booking.com
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Natalie’s Hotel and Apartments is a fantastic hotel for couples looking to spend a romantic few nights basking under the Kefalonian sun and unwinding on those warm Greek evenings. Complete with a stunning outdoor pool, gardens, and a lounge, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing cozy spots around the property where you and your significant other can cuddle up. And, for when you want a bit more privacy, you will be able to find a whole host of facilities and home-comforts in your airy private room, including a private kitchen.

After you’ve enjoyed your included continental or buffet breakfast, you can choose how you want to spend the rest of your day. Natalie’s Hotel and Apartments is conveniently close to Loutraki Beach for those who love to spend their romantic vacations as near to the ocean as possible. Or, take it easy by the pool and take advantage of the free wifi throughout the property. However you want to spend your couples trip, know that this is a great spot for you to enjoy an utterly enjoyable and romantic vacation in Kefalonia.

Address: Natalie’s Hotel & Apartments, Skála Kefalonias, 28086, Greece

Best For: Couples looking for somewhere close to the coast with a majorly laid-back vibe for a stunning trip in Kefalonia

Rating: 9.4/10

2. Petani Resort

petani resort kefalonia greece booking.com
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The Petani Resort is really a magical option when looking for where to stay in Kefalonia for couples. Not only is the hotel itself elegantly and modernly decorated, but you will be hard-pressed to find a more stunning and enviable location for a romantic vacation in Kefalonia for couples. The Petani Resort is situated on top of a mountain in the Vovikes region of Kefalonia, meaning that you have unparalleled views of the stunning beach, coast, and ocean from your hilltop haven. With a location as breathtaking as this, it’s impossible not to have a romantic time on your couples trip to Kefalonia.

Each room at the Petani Resort has its own spacious balcony that overlooks the pristine waters of the Ionian Sea, where you can unwind no matter the time of day in your own private, romantics tranquility. When you want to be spending time outside of your room, you can enjoy a whole host of refreshments around the on-site pool – the perfect place to take a dip with your loved one and catch some rays under the Greek sun. And, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems situated around the hotel, such as delicious restaurants, local markets, and traditional tavernas. If you want to strike a balance between relaxation and exploration, then this is the property for you.

Address: Eparchiaki Odos Vilatorion, Vovikes, 28200, Greece

Best For: Couples who prize romantic settings as the highest thing on their romantic getaway list

Rating: 9.3/10

3. NorthWest Studios

northwest studios hotel kefalonia greece booking.com
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NorthWest Studios is a wonderful resort to bear in mind when looking where to stay in Kefalonia for couples, thanks to its immensely romantic environs and the fact that it allows you to enjoy complete autonomy on your vacation. These studios offer the perfect balance between having the independence of a villa with the service of a hotel. There is a choice of self-catering rooms available and each studio at NorthWest boasts air-conditioning, exquisite views over the glistening Ionian Sea, as well as breathtaking visuals of the historic Kefalonian town of Argostoli. There is also a television and kitchen in every room at NorthWest Studios, enabling you to cook your own romantic dinners to eat from the comfort of your room.

The complex itself is also stunning and would make an ideal location for a couples getaway in Kefalonia filled with relaxation under the beating Greek sun. Complete with a peaceful pool and sun terrace where you can unwind with your significant other and take a dip when it gets too hot, there is also a snack bar poolside where you can enjoy a whole host of delicious refreshments including food, hot drinks, cold drinks, and special cocktails. And, when you want to spend a bit of time exploring the wider surroundings, you will find a quaint local restaurant and mini-market just a stone’s throw away from the property, and a whole host of other shops, bars, and restaurants in the nearby town of Argostoli.

Address: Argostólion, Argostoli, 28100, Greece 

Best For: Couples who want both comfort and independence from where they stay in Kefalonia

Rating: 9.3/10

4. Anemos Studios And Apartments

anemos studios and apartments kefalonia booking.com
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Anemos Studios and Apartments is pretty much as close to the beach as you could hope to get for your couple’s stay in Kefalonia. Located a mere fifty yards from the ocean, Anemos Studios and Apartments is the perfect choice of where to stay in Kefalonia for couples if you’re looking to spend your vacation somewhere a bit more remote, in the quaint village of Poros, but still close to the dazzling Greek waters. Better still, each room here has its own private balcony that offers breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea as well as the scenic mountains in the backdrop as well as air-conditioning, for a cool and beautiful getaway.

You will find a selection of shops and bars dotted around near the property, so you are always spoiled for choice for refreshments and cause for exploration. Each room at Anemos Studios and Apartments also has its own kitchen, however, as well as a TV, so you can also find all the entertainment and culinary exploration you need right from the comfort and privacy of your own room. When you do want to venture out, however, the beach is obviously right on your front door, with the village of Skala only a mile away also.

Address: Póros, Kefalonia, Póros Kefalonias, 28086, Greece

Best For: Couples who want their romantic vacation in Kefalonia to have the soundtrack of the ocean at all times

Rating: 9.5/10

5. F Zeen

f zeen hotel kefalonia booking.com
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F Zeen is a sumptuously beautiful adults-only retreat that is guaranteed to make all your romantic vacation dreams come true if you choose this place as your place to stay in Kefalonia. If you’re looking to squeeze as much beauty, luxury, and relaxation out of your couple’s stay in Kefalonia as possible, then look no further than F Zeen in the village of Lourdata. Just fifty yards away from Lourdas Beach and boasting two magnificent swimming pools on-site, this resort is a dream for sun worshippers and swimmers. And, each room has free wifi, air conditioning, and a private balcony where you can take in scenic panoramas of the Ionian Sea, or lush views of their beautiful gardens.

At F Zeen, however you choose to drink and dine is fully flexible. There is an on-site bar and restaurant for when you want to be catered to in the glorious surroundings of the resort itself, as well as a number of different eateries and tavernas just a stone’s throw away from the hotel in the area of Lourdata. As well as it being a foodie paradise, there is also an on-site fitness center and Turkish bath, where you can keep active, try some calming yoga, or unwind and relax in absolute bliss with a couple’s massage on your romantic getaway in Kefalonia.

Address: Lourdata, Lourdhata, 28083, Greece

Best For: Couples who want to stay in a beachfront, adults-only paradise in Kefalonia

Rating: 9.3/10

6. Romanza Studios

romanza studios kefalonia booking.com
Credit: booking.com

As the name may suggest, Romanza Studios is a truly romantic location for a beautiful stay in Kefalonia for couples. This hotel is in a fantastic location for a getaway that is filled with beauty and romance. If you’re torn between whether to travel to Zakynthos or Kefalonia for your vacation, maybe the surroundings and offerings of Romanza Studios may sway you more towards Kefalonia, specifically the scenic area of Assos. Romanza Studios boasts magnificent views of the Ionian Sea right from your room and is also only around the corner from the shops, restaurants, and tavernas of Assos.

As well as being but a mere short stroll away from the beach of Assos, Romanza Studios also offers air-conditioned rooms with free wifi, a mini-fridge, and furnished balconies. These studios are at once comfortable and charming, allowing you to enjoy a truly intimate and unpretentious romantic vacation in Kefalonia in complete privacy. Here, you will also be in a prime location for exploring more of the island, such as the beautiful harbor of Fiskardo, while wanting for nothing when spending time at Romaza Studios.

Address: Ásos, Asos, 28085, Greece 

Best For: Couples who are not looking for luxury, but rugged beauty, privacy, and tranquility

Rating: 9.4/10

7. Hotel Aggelos Kefalonia

hotel aggelos kefalonia booking.com
Credit: booking.com

If you want your stay in Kefalonia for couples to take place in the island’s capital, Argostoli, then look no further than the Hotel Aggelos Kefalonia. This small yet elegant hotel has been recently renovated, so you will discover history, prestige, beauty, comfort, and modernity at the Hotel Aggelos Kefalonia – and all in the center of the historic town of Argostoli. The Hotel Aggelos is located right by the water, and is also only around the corner from the town’s main square, giving you the best of a city break and a coastal retreat for your romantic stay in Kefalonia.

Expect light and comfortable rooms, all with air-conditioning, free wifi, and fantastic balconies where you can overlook panoramic views of the glorious Argostoli bay. Breakfast is also on offer at the Hotel Aggelos Kefalonia, and you can enjoy it on their beautiful terrace under the Grecian sun, as well as any other refreshments that you want to purchase from the on-site bar. And, when you want to enjoy the sun outside of the resort, you know that you have your pick of either the bay or the city to keep you and your loved one entertained for the entirety of your romantic stay in Kefalonia.

Address: Ioannou Metaxa 11, Argostoli, 28100, Greece

Best For: Couples who want the sun and sea of a Greek island vacation, with a hint of a romantic city break

Rating: 9.1/10

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