The 5 Best Party Destinations in Greece: Greek Nightlife

Image of Greece nightclub party
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Whether you’re looking to sample the local cuisine or partake in some island hopping, the reasons to visit Greece are uncountable. So what about nightlife? Wherever you choose to spend your Greek holiday you’ll be spoilt for choice with options to fill your evenings with some of the best party destinations in Europe.

In many of the Greek resorts, you’ll find a strip of bars, clubs, and restaurants all in one place, so you’ll know exactly where to go. With plenty of accommodation choices just a short distance away, your night out will not only be fun but also incredibly easy to navigate. Visitors can take their pick from a wide variety of events and experiences including foam parties, karaoke, live music and booze cruises.

We’ve put together a list of the five best party destinations in Greece for those who are seeking out the liveliest nightlife.


Photo of Malia strip in Greece
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Malia is a coastal town situated on the Greek island of Crete, just a short thirty-minute drive from Heraklion airport. Though home to many family-friendly hotels, it has more recently become known as one of the best party locations for groups of teens to let their hair down.

Just a short walking distance from the many hotel options lays the nightlife hub otherwise known as the stip. Here you can take your pick from the 2km long stretch of nightclubs including Candy Club, Zig Zags, and Apollo. Each has its own individual style of music. Other events on offer include booze cruises, paint parties, and the occasional music festival. There are often wristbands on sale that can get you plenty of discounts on events and experiences.

As well as clubs and bars, Malia is also home to a historic old town with a range of traditional Greek tavernas, so you can enjoy the food as well as the drink. Malia has a huge 6km stretch of sandy beach, with plenty of sunbeds as well as beach bars and restaurants for refreshments, ideal for nursing that hangover!


Photo of nightclub in Zante
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Zakynthos, most popularly known as Zante, is a Greek island in the Ionian sea. One of its best-known villages and resort is Laganas, situated on the Southern part of the island and reachable in just 20 minutes from the Zakynthos airport.

There is a huge choice of accommodation and many hotels host their own pool parties and events. The clubs and bars are dotted along the main road, and many of them are open till 6 am so you can guarantee a late night. Popular spots include Cocktails and Dreams, Plus Club, and Waikiki. Many groups spend their nights trying out each of the venues in a bar crawl and there are also companies of which can organize this for you. Like other party resorts in Greece, you can often get your hands on a wristband that will get you discounted rates at different events and venues.

Laganas is home to a beautiful 9km beach with crystal clear waters and white fine sand. It is notoriously known as being a spot where caretta-caretta turtles lay their eggs. Turtle spotting is, therefore a popular activity and there are many opportunities to take part in snorkeling, boat trips, or water equipment rental. This makes it one of the best party destinations to enjoy island life.


Photo of nightlife in Mykonos- beachside bar
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Mykonos is one of the Cyclade islands in Greece. In recent years Mykonos has become a cosmopolitan hub for celebrities, influencers, and partygoers. It is often referred to as Greece’s answer to Ibiza and therefore had to make an appearance as one of the best party destinations in Greece.

From rowdy to civilized there is a huge range of options for a night out in Mykonos. There are plenty of options throughout Mykonos town with popular venues including Tropicana club, Moni, and Addiction Club. Many venues in Mykonos have played host to sets by world-famous performers and DJs.

In the heart of Mykonos is the neighborhood of Little Venice. Here you’ll find winding pathways and hidden alleyways with plenty of seaside bars and restaurants boasting magnificent views. In addition to drinking cocktails or clubbing, popular activities in Mykonos at night include sunset cruises, watching a film at the open-air cinema, or enjoying some live music. The capital of Chora is home to a number of traditional tavernas as well as critically acclaimed restaurants with a number of cuisines available.

In the day there are plenty of beach clubs to enjoy food, drinks, and music. One of the most popular spots is Super Paradise Beach which offers a full calendar of events as well as watersports.


Photo of beach party in Kos
Cassie Gallegos via Unsplash

Kos town is located on the North coast of Kos, one of Greece’s Dodecanese islands. Alongside its fellow island Rhodes, is a very popular tourist destination, particularly for large groups of friends looking for a party. Kos town can be reached from Kos airport in a convenient thirty minutes. The island of Kos is notably famous for its abundance of beautiful beaches with plenty of sunbeds and parasols for a day of relaxation. There are also a number of beach bars and restaurants with many venues like Kavo Paradiso and Baltic Beach Bar organizing beach parties throughout the year.   

Most of the nightlife in Kos town can be found along the popular Bar Street where pubs, bars, and clubs are open to the early hours of the morning. Many venues will often have drink deals or discounted entry and popular spots include West Bar, Zero café, and Mylos Beach Bar.

Before hitting the clubs, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of Eleftherias square. Here you’ll find a huge choice of restaurants in a variety of cuisines to enjoy dinner and cocktails. With bike paths and flat ground, many tourists choose cycling as a means to explore the island and sweat out the hangover!


Photo of party nightclub in Kavos
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Kavos is a seaside resort situated in the South of Corfu, a popular Greek island in the Ionian sea located an hour and a half drive from the Corfu airport. Like many of the other Greek party resorts, the main attraction for partygoers is the 2km strip of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. Here you can enjoy a variety of themed nights and entertainment from karaoke to foam parties. Popular venues include Snobs bar, SOS pub, and Barn bar. Future club is a famous superclub in Kavos, known for its laser shows special effects, and multiple rooms often the home to a number of events throughout the year.

There are multiple hotels available a short walking distance from the strip with many hosting events throughout the day to get involved in. Kavos has a reputation for considerably lower prices than other party resorts making it the perfect choice if you are on a budget. Whilst many choose to cook in their own apartment, there are plenty of restaurant options to choose from with everything from pizza to traditional Greek food. Kavos’ sandy beaches are the perfect place to soak up the sun and for something a little more adventurous there is the inflatable waterpark.

Which part of Greece is best for nightlife?

For the combination of a stunning island experience with a memorable night out, Laganas in Zante is the best part of Greece for nightlife. With a strip of over 2km long you will always have somewhere new to discover and are sure to find a venue that you love.

As well as the buzzing nightlife, the opportunity to swim with sea turtles in the day makes it a truly ideal choice for your trip.

Is Greece good for partying?

Greece is a great place for partying in that there are so many lively destinations to choose from. Whether you are looking for something a little classier, or just somewhere to let your hair down there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Alongside the many pubs, bars, and clubs, visitors can also enjoy the other attractions that Greece has to offer. Spend your day lounging on the beautiful beaches and sample the delicious traditional Greek cuisine. Perhaps the best feature of partying in Greece is its convenience. You are sure to find accommodation in the heart of the action as well as many deals and discounts for a great night out on a budget.

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