9 Child-Friendly Things To Do in Kos With The Family

A beach in Kos.
Image by Shalev Cohen via Unsplash
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If you’re looking for things to do in Kos with the family, you certainly won’t struggle to find some. Being the third largest of the Dodecanese islands, there is plenty on offer in this Greek gem for both parents and kids alike.

For a more traditional holiday pursuit, there are two thrilling water parks to choose from, as well as an abundance of family-friendly beaches. Or looking for something more unique? Kos is home to several stables, so why not try a family horse riding session? Or how about exploring a forest populated with peacocks? And then there are the ancient ruins, where the kids’ imaginations can run wild, while the adults soak in a bit of history.

But that’s certainly not all. Stick with us to find out our top 9 picks of fun things to do in Kos with family.

Lido Water Park

A girl swimming in a pool.
Image by Jan Haeref via Pixabay

Water parks are definitely a top choice when it comes to things to do with the family on vacation. And Lido Water Park in Kos is sure to leave you satisfied. One of two water parks on the island, it is an adrenaline-filled slice of fun for both parents and kids alike.

This attraction, just 25 minutes from Kos Town is an aquatic heaven. Spread over 75,000 sqm, with a backdrop of lush greenery expanding all the way out to the sea, it’s the perfect setting to splash the day away. Highlights include the wave pool, pitch black and multi lane slides, and a lazy river. And for the little ones, they have their very own designated areas. Choose from either a mini water park, featuring slides, tunnels and climbing frames set in a large pool or an indoor playroom filled with games and inflatables.

For the parents (well the ones that aren’t big kids at heart) there is plenty on offer too. You can opt to relax in the jacuzzi, sip a refreshing cocktail at the tiki hut bar, or simply do laps in the large, no-frills pool.

The Castle of the Knights

The Castle of the Knights, Kos.
Image by Kallerna via Wikimedia

What Greek to-do list could be complete without a little ruins sighting? Situated in the Old Town, The Castle of the Knights is definitely a top thing to do with the family in Kos.

Also known as Nerantzia Castle, it was built in the 15th century to protect against the Ottomans. But while ruins may not seem the most kid-friendly option, their imagination can run wild here. With towers to gaze out on to the sea, plenty of unique carvings, and a maze of castle pieces to explore, boredom shouldn’t be a problem.

And for the older crowd, there are information boards in which to learn of the fascinating history behind this top tourist attraction.

Cycle Trails

View over Kos.
Image by Jared Lisack via Unsplash

Regarded as the island of the bicycle, it only makes sense that one of the top things to do in Kos with family is a bike ride. With dozens of rental shops, offering mountain bikes, children’s bikes and even tandem bikes, there’s no shortage of places to get the right one for you. And being one of the flattest islands of Greece, biking is an ideal way to explore the stunning surroundings.

You can choose from a plethora of routes, including coastal, mountainous, village, and dirt road. There are also several cycling tours, if getting a little background information on the passing scenery is more up your street.

One of the more popular bike paths takes you from Faros Beach to Psalidi Beach, a distance of around 8 miles. Add in a few stops en route to sample some delicious Greek cuisine and you’ve got yourself a very enjoyable ride.

Aquatica Water Park

Boys playing in a pool.
Image by Lavi Perchik via Unsplash

We simply couldn’t miss out the island’s other water park for things to do in Kos with family. Aquatica Water Park boasts numerous slides and pools. Grab a tube and journey down the Lazy River or feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down the Kamikaze and Free Fall slides.

And for when all that aquatic action has taken its toll, you can chill out at the onsite café. Here you’ll find a selection of beverages, as well as pizzas, salads, cakes, and even some traditional Greek yogurt.

Located around 40 minutes from Kos Town, it is accessible by both car and public bus. However, this waterpark is generally geared more towards older children, so Lido Water Park may be your best bet if you have little ones in tow.

Tigaki Beach

Tigaki Beach, Kos.
Image by Louis Droege via Unsplash

With a catalog of long sandy stretches, this Dodecanese island is blessed with choice. However, it’s the perfect swimming conditions and myriad of amenities at Tigaki Beach that make it one of the top things to do with family.

It is situated just 20 minutes from Kos Town and the crystalline waters, fine white sand, and panoramic views make it an absolute feast for the eyes. It’s also the perfect setting to take advantage of the water sports on offer. For the adrenaline junkies you may want to opt for a bit of jet skiing or banana boating. But for something a little calmer, exploring the underwater landscape with a bit of snorkeling is a top choice.

The beach is also backed by a wide selection of cafes, shops, and restaurants. So, definitely a beach with something for everyone, making it an ideal choice for any family vacation.

Plaka Forest

A peacock.
Image by Evgeny Kulakov via Pixabay

Imagine pine trees, forest trails, and an abundance of peacocks roaming the land. Well, you’ve just imagined Plaka Forest. Although located at the end of a dirt road, so a little trickier to get to, it is absolutely a top thing to do in Kos with family.

This nature reserve and animal park, which sees peacocks, stray cats, and turtles living in harmony, is bound to be a memorable experience on the Kos itinerary. You can easily spend a good few hours here exploring the many pathways and feeding the animals. Plus, the shaded landscape is the perfect place to get some respite from that scorching Greek sun.

This unique spot is free to visit and it’s the perfect opportunity to skip on restaurant prices for the day and take advantage of the picnic areas on offer.

Horse Riding Tour

A person on a horse at the beach.
Image by Cedroc via Pixabay

Have you ever wanted to fulfill that daydream of galloping down the beach, the wind through your hair and not a care in the world? Well, Kos can provide. Perhaps not quite the dramatic scene of your imagination but the horse riding tours here are definitely something special. And with horses and routes for all ages and abilities, it’s the perfect thing to do with all the family.

With numerous stables, ranches, and riding centers on the island, you can take your pick from a wide selection of experiences. You can opt for one- or two-hour rides through the mountains, beaches, and countryside. Or for a little more magic, why not take advantage of the special sunset ride or the chance to venture out into the sea.

So, whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, horse riding to a backdrop of the glistening Aegean Sea is truly something special.

Paradise Beach

A pair of sunglasses sitting on the sand.
Image by Ethan Robertson via Unsplash

Another beach popular with families is Paradise Beach. With warm, clear water and fine, powdery sand, it’s perfect for both a dip in the ocean and topping up the tan. And the nickname of Bubble Beach is sure to perk up the kids’ interest. So, get on the goggles and start the hunt for the unique sighting of bubbles rising from the seafloor (caused by volcanic activity).

An extra highlight sure to please the younger crowd is the inflatable assault course in the sea. At just €5 per person, it’s a fun-filled way to work up that appetite for lunch. And for when hunger strikes, the beach has a restaurant and snack bar, serving everything from burgers to ice cream. However, this beach does get rather crowded, so getting a space to sit may not always be so easy.

And for any keen photographers in the family, the beach’s ideal orientation towards the Greek sunset makes for a fantastic addition to the Kos photo album.

A Boat Trip

Boats at Kos harbor.
Image by Jared Lisack via Unsplash

Our last pick of top things to do in Kos with family simply has to be a boat trip. No vacation to Kos could possibly be complete without hitting the open seas.

So, whether you’re looking to explore the many sea caves and hidden bays, take an excursion to surrounding islands, or simply soak up the sun on deck, there are several tour operators ready to provide. The kids are sure to appreciate the pirate ship-style boats on offer too.

And if you do fancy a day trip out of Kos, there are plenty of stunning locations to choose from. The island of Kalymnos offers a mountainous landscape perfect for climbers, as well as a host of museums and cultural sights. Then you have the volcanic island of Nisyros. Or perhaps a trip to Turkey? Yep, the Turkish city of Bodrum is just 50 minutes away from Kos port.

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