Is Split Worth Visiting? 7 Reasons to Visit Split

Is Split worth visiting?
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If you’ve never been to Croatia before, then you’re probably wondering ‘is Split worth visiting?’. Home to a busy airport, this coastal city is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot. But is this all hype or something more profound? Is Split really an ideal destination for your next trip abroad?

We believe so because Split has just about everything. It’s beautiful a big city that’s still connected to nature, including the dazzling blue sea and the mystical green mountains. You’ll even have easy access to incredible Croatian islands.

It’s a safe, low-cost city with loads to do. Whether you’re a tourist or a digital nomad, you’ll feel at home the second you arrive. Are you still wondering ‘is Split worth visiting’? Here are seven reasons we would urge anyone who can to head to the amazing city of Split.

Stunning Coastline

Split coastline
Credit: Grant Ritchie, Unsplash

Croatia has a lot to do inland but for most tourists, the most desirable locations are on the coast. The coastline is 1,777 km (1104 miles) in length, meaning that there are many villages, towns, and cities that exist there. However, we highly recommend that you choose to stay in Split. As the biggest city on the coast, it has the most beaches, the most amazing promenade, and the most coastal activities.

Split is roughly in the middle of the coast. That means that you can either travel north or south for an incredible coastal road trip. Alternatively, jump on a boat and visit the nearby islands of Brač, Hvar, or Šolta. By making Split your base, you can easily travel around to all of Croatia’s most stunning destinations.

If you love city life but what to live a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, then that’s exactly what you get by living near the coast. The Adriatic sea is tranquil and calming. If you’re ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed, then you can easily take a walk by the sea and let the gentle lapping of the waves take all your worries away. How many other big bustling cities offer this option?

Milder Weather

Is Split worth visiting for milder weather?
Credit: Avery Meeker, Unsplash

Many countries in southern Europe can be stiflingly hot. For instance, Seville – known as Europe’s frying pan – regularly exceeds temperatures of over 40°C (104°F). If you’re concerned that you can’t cope with this kind of heat, then Split might be the perfect option. Yes, the summers are hot. However, the coastal location means that you get a cool sea breeze that stops it from ever becoming intolerably hot.

As you sit on the promenade under the shade of a palm tree and look out across the sea, you’ll realize that you’ve landed in pretty much the most perfect weather conditions. The surrounding hills and mountains also provide a little shade and produce a gentle breeze to keep you cool in the summer. Is it worth visiting Split in the winter? Definitely but summer is the most popular season and attracts the most crowds.

Despite the cool breeze from the mountains and the sea, it will still be warm enough to take a dip in the sea. That means you can enjoy the beach lifestyle you’re dreaming of. There aren’t many places that hit the sweet spot in terms of weather but Split is an absolutely perfect example of this.

Mountain Views

Visit Split for mountains access
Credit: Spencer Davis, Unsplash

Croatia is a mountainous country but most of these mountains exist further inland, closer to cities like Zagreb. You may be worried about coming to the coast, believing it to be flat. If you love hiking in steep and rugged terrain, then you may be concerned about coming to a city of beach-lovers. However, there’s genuinely no need to worry in this regard.

Split is surrounded by mountains, which can be reached within minutes. If you want quick access to this kind of terrain, then you’ve got Marjan Hill right next to the city center. At 178 m (584 ft), the top offers spectacular views across the city and beyond. If you love hiking, then this city center peninsula hill offers just that. Covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest, you’ll feel a long way from the city as you lose yourself in this natural paradise.

Beyond the city itself, Split is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. These incredible mountains offer some of Europe’s best hikes. If you’re up for a challenge, consider conquering Mount Mosor, which reaches a whopping elevation of 1,339 m (4393 ft). Or, why not just stay in Split and enjoy waking up every morning to spectacular mountain views?

Ancient Architecture

Is Split worth visiting? Yes, if you love history
Credit: mana5280, Unsplash

Split has a modern side to it but it’s all set within the most ancient architecture. As you walk around, you’ll be blown away by every turn you make. The Old Town is filled with incredibly old buildings that you can spend hours marveling at. You’ll really feel like you’ve been transported thousands of years into the past as you wander around this Roman-era architecture. Every building has a long history and, in many cases, they’re much older than you imagine.

When we’re saying that some of Split is old, we really mean old. For instance, one of the most popular tourist sights is Diocletian’s Palace. While everyone is blown away by how pretty it is, not everyone knows that it was built at the beginning of the fourth century by a Roman emperor. No wonder living in Split feels like you’ve teleported to the ancient world.

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find accommodation in the Old Town to stay in. If you’ve never lived in such a historical location, then now’s your chance. Split has plenty of old properties on the market and many of them go for a reasonable price. Whether you’re staying for two days or six months, visit Split for its amazing ancient architecture.

Transport Connections

Split is easy to visit due to good transport connections
Credit: mana5280, Unsplash

If you love to travel, then Split will be an ideal destination for you. That’s because it has endless options for getting around the country. First of all, there’s the airport. Located 19 km (11 miles) from the city center, it’s the second-busiest airport in the country. This will connect you to other worth-visiting Croatian cities, as well as destinations across Europe and the world.

Split also has a train station and a particularly lively bus station. Here, you’ll find cheap rides to other towns along the Dalmation coast and further inland. Whether you want to explore the country’s stunning national parks or visit its quieter little towns, you’re in luck. Split is a central hub that connects you to everywhere.

Of course, one of the major benefits of Split is that busy coastline. Thousands of boats and ferries leave this coast every year and connect you to new places. You could do a tour of the islands, visit the elusive blue cave, or head down the coast to Dubrovnik without having to cross the annoying border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. You really can get just about anywhere by staying in Split.

Luxury for a Low-Cost

Live in luxury for less in Split
Credit: Spencer Davis, Unsplash

Split is a city bursting with luxury. Whether you’re chilling in a yacht or drinking cocktails on the promenade, this is a place where you can really live well. At the same time, though, it’s highly affordable. Croatia is cheaper than 51% of the world’s countries, which is impressive for a safe European nation with a high quality of life. If you have a low income or want to save money, then you can still live well in Split.

The property market is also highly affordable. Split is building new apartments all the time and it’s possible to get a good one for a low price. Maybe you want to live in the heart of the Old Town or you’re looking for somewhere right by the beach. Is Split worth visiting for its hillside properties, as well? Certainly, if you love a good view across the city and the surrounding mountains.

Split is a place that many digital nomads come for a better quality of life. Unlike other similar destinations like Greece, Italy, or Spain, though, it doesn’t come with high living costs. Save yourself some money while living better by taking a trip to Split.

A Vibrant Community

Why is Split worth visiting? For the culture
Credit: Spencer Davis, Unsplash

Split is a busy and exciting city, especially on the weekends. It’s up there among Croatia’s best party locations. If you want to feel part of the community, then you’ll feel right at home in Split. Is Split worth visiting if you love a party? Absolutely. The locals are always friendly and most of them speak fluent English. You’ll fit right in straight away.

Many people who come to Split instantly feel at home. The community is there to welcome you with open arms, no matter what your background is. If you want to live well and be among a vibrant community, then Split is the place for you. You can come for a few days or stay for a lifetime and Split will always be worth visiting.

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