Is Dubrovnik Worth Visiting? 7 Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik

Is Dubrovnik worth visiting?
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It’s one of Europe’s best-kept secrets but is Dubrovnik worth visiting? There are many other parts of southern and eastern Europe you could explore but we believe that Dubrovnik is up there with the best. Not only is the city itself a thing of absolute beauty but you also have access to the sea and the amazing Croatian islands that lie within it.

As you look at a map of Croatia, you may think that it holds that entire Dalmatian coastline. However, there’s a small section that actually belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result, traveling to Dubrovnik requires crossing a border, spending ten minutes in another country, and then crossing back into Croatia.

This means that Dubrovnik – which was once its own country – has its own distinct culture and personality, separate from that you’ll find elsewhere in Croatia. Is Dubrovnik worth visiting for this reason alone? Yes, but here are seven more reasons to visit Dubrovnik.

A Historical Masterpiece

Dubrovnik is worth visiting for its history
Credit: Archana Reddy, Unsplash

Walking around Dubrovnik is like stepping into the past. Every building and pathway feels like it belongs to a bygone era. Sure, like the rest of Croatia, it has its modern amenities. WiFi is fast and you can have any food you like delivered within minutes. That’s why Dubrovnik is up there with the likes of Bali as being popular with digital nomads.

However, it hasn’t lost touch with its proud maritime history. The Old Town offers amazing architecture around every corner, much of which was built between the 14th and 19th Centuries when Dubrovnik ruled as a self-governing state. The stunning stone structures remain exquisitely preserved, making this one of the most enchanting old towns in Europe.

So much history has occurred in Dubrovnik since its founding. An earthquake in 1667 destroyed much of the town, which has since been rebuilt. Dubrovnik went from being part of the Republic of Venice to joining the Austrian Empire, before being controlled by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia until Croatia regained independence in 1991. All these stories are told as you wander the streets of Dubrovnik.

A Unique Culture

Is Dubrovnik worth visiting for its unique culture?
Credit: Geio Tischler, Unsplash

If you’ve visited other Croatian cities like Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, or Split, you might think you’ve seen it all. However, Dubrovnik is a city like no other and you can only discover this by visiting the place for yourself.

On the Adriatic coast, it does have some similarities to other Croatian coastal cities. It has a maritime past and plenty of beaches for tourists to relax on. However, it’s also a city that’s cut off from the rest of the country. A border with Bosnia and Herzegovina separates Dubrovnik from the rest of the country.

As a result, it’s developed its own distinct personality. The city walls are some of the best-preserved in the world and they cut this city off from outside. These were built out of necessity, with many different empires attempting to siege Dubrovnik over the centuries. This led to a close-knit community with a fascinating culture just waiting to be explored.

World-Famous Filming Locations

Dubrovnik is worth visiting for its Game of Thrones filming locations
Credit: Archana Reddy, Unsplash

One of the biggest reasons that people feel Dubrovnik is worth visiting in the modern age is its usage as a filming location. Most notably, many scenes from the world-renowned Game of Thrones series were filmed here. That, in itself, is enough to convince people to come. View the Red Keep at the Lovrijenac Fort, experience Blackwater Bay at Dubrovnik’s West Pier, explore the King’s Landing at Pile Harbour, and visit Gradac Park for a chance to view the location of the Purple Wedding.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this will already be putting you in a state of extreme excitement. If you’ve never seen it, then, first of all, and second of all, have you been living under a rock? Either way, these incredible filming locations are well worth visiting.

It’s not just Game of Thrones, either. Many other television series and movies were filmed in Dubrovnik, including Star Wars, Robin Hood, and Captain America. By visiting this small, unassuming Croatian city, you’re immersing yourself in some of the most amazing pop culture. That alone is enough to make anyone want to go.

A Small Community

Dubrovnik is a small community
Credit: Stuart Claggett, Unsplash

Many travelers flock to huge cities like London, Paris, and New York because they love the buzz and excitement of being in such a massive place. However, many other tourists find these kinds of situations stressful. They’d rather be somewhere a little quieter where they can relax, unwind, and enjoy a little piece. If this describes you, then you’ll love Dubrovnik.

With a population of just 40,000, you’ll be entering a small community where the pace of life is a little slower. It’s still a city so it’s not like staying in a tiny village but it’s also quiet enough so as not to be overwhelming. The Old Town that sits within Dubrovnik’s famous city walls is a relatively small area that can easily be explored on foot.

This all adds up to a vacation that is easy and stress-free, which is surely what most travelers are looking for, right? Is Dubrovnik worth visiting if you want to truly unwind? We think so. At the same time, the weekends are lively and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained. Leave the city center for the hills or the beaches, though, and you’ll have your own peaceful and quiet space.

Unbeatable Sea Views

The sea in Dubrovnik is incredible
Credit: Hans-Jürgen Weinhardt, Unsplash

There are few things in life as calming and rejuvenating as the sea. Feeling stressed? Go for a walk by the sea. Too hot? Cool off in the sea. Tired? Wake yourself up with an early morning dip in the sea. See what we mean? The sea solves just about all of life’s problems. You don’t even need to go in it. Simply looking at the gentle blue waves can lower your stress levels and leave you feeling relaxed.

Dubrovnik is built on a hill with the Old Town at the bottom. Most of the vacation apartments are located further up the hill. While this does mean tackling vast number of steps every time you head into town, it also means that homes have the most spectacular views. Is Dubrovnik worth visiting for the views alone? Many people would say no. But if you appreciate a good view of the sea and understand the power it can have on your mental health, then you’ll be scrambling to get to Dubrovnik ASAP.

Weather Perfection

Is Dubrovnik worth visiting? Yes, if you like good weather
Credit: mana5280, Unsplash

One thing many travelers crave when heading abroad is access to more agreeable weather. Maybe you’re from a country that’s regular cold, dark, and wet. If you head to Dubrovnik, then you have nothing to worry about. All year round, you’ll enjoy warmer weather than you might be used to. Being by the sea, that’s exactly what you want.

At the same time, no one wants to be boiled alive by the scorching sun. Although Dubrovnik is in the very south of the country, giving it a more tropical climate, it enjoys a gentle sea breeze meaning that it never gets too hot. The hottest month of the year is August, where the temperature tends to peak at 30°C (86°F).

If that’s too hot for you, then simply visit in Spring and Autumn for temperatures closer to 20°C (68°F). Even in winter, it’s a good place to come and escape the bitter cold of the north. While it will be too cold to swim in the dazzling blue sea, it will be comparatively mild to the winters you may be used to.

An International Vibe

Dubrovnik is worth visiting for its international community
Credit: Jonathan Chng, Unsplash

Wherever you go in the world, it’s nice to feel welcomed. Although Dubrovnik is a small city with a unique culture, it’s not one that shuts people out. The locals are used to tourists and ex-pats spending time there, almost on a daily basis. Therefore, they’re always welcoming to foreigners and will be happy to show you their home.

You’ll find that you fit in easily in Dubrovnik. You’ll be treated well by anyone you come across and shouldn’t find it difficult to make friends. Don’t worry if you don’t speak any Croatian because Dubrovnik locals are incredibly good at speaking English and are more than happy to use it.

It may be a small city but Dubrovnik hosts many events that attract people from around the world. If you want to quickly immerse yourself in a diverse and international community, then check out the Festival of St Blaise (Dubrovnik’s patron saint), the Mediterranean Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs and Green Entrepreneurship, and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. That’s just a few examples of the many internationally-minded events held in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

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